Recycling and Repurposing LEGO


Why should we recycle?

Modern toys are difficult to recycle because producers make them mostly from single-use plastics, forcing them into landfills, which is bad for the environment. 

  • Over 230,000 tonnes of plastic bricks find their way into landfill or our oceans each year.
  • Plastic bricks can take more than 1500 years to breakdown once in the environment.
  • The production of plastic bricks creates over one million tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

However, LEGO is made from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ) plastic and they are known for being exceptionally durable and possessing a hard shiny surface. This makes them easy to clean and therefore the perfect toy for repurposing.

In comparison, other brands of plastic bricks consist of differing types of plastic and made to uncertain standards of safety. As such, Toy Brick Recycling Company would not be able to guarantee the cleanliness or whether the plastic bricks meet Australian safety standards.

Therefore, the Toy Brick Recycling Company chooses only to recycle and repurpose genuine LEGO bricks. Using only genuine LEGO bricks gives our customers a degree of comfort, knowing we were able to thoroughly clean the plastic bricks used in our products and that our products, packaging, and labelling are compliant with Australian toy safety standards.

Why we should repurpose.

LEGO’s official website recommends cleaning unwanted bricks and passing them on to family or friends. Giving your LEGO to another person also reduces the need to buy a new set, reducing you and your family’s carbon footprint.

But not everyone has family and friends to whom they can pass on their much-treasured LEGO collection. This is where the Toy Brick Recycling Company comes in.

However, we wanted to do more than just change the ownership of the plastic bricks. We wanted to add value and contribute to a better community. So, we have developed educational activities using our bricks.

There are over nine hundred million ways of combining six basic two-by-four bricks of the same colour. So, imagine the number of different models you could build using each existing brick set. Where would your imagination take you?

That is what is at the essence of the Toy Brick Recycling Company products. The kits we produce encourage a trial-and-error approach to brick building, reducing the negativity from perceived failure and increasing user confidence.

The trial-and-error process of brick building also improves problem solving, encouraging users to explore different solutions, share ideas with others and finding the best fit solution to problems. Brick-based learning creates tangible solutions as users can see and explain their models to others.

Donating your unwanted LEGO to the Toy Brick Recycling Company gives your plastic bricks a new purpose and gives others learning opportunities from brick play.

It also helps us to price our products competitively and donate one in five of our kits to charities and other organisations, creating a fairer community through shared opportunities.