The Toy Brick Recycling Company Story

What we are about

The Toy Brick Recycling Company recycles used LEGO and repurposes the bricks into educational learning kits for children and adults, fostering and growing their communication, collaboration, and cognitive skills.

By recycling and repurposing plastic bricks, the Toy Brick Recycling Company looks to.

  • Reduce the amount of plastic waste from plastic bricks in landfill and our oceans.
  • Promote using plastic bricks to foster improved skills in both children and adults.
  • Breakdown barriers of social and economic disadvantage.

The Toy Brick Recycling Company contributes to a better community through creating sustainable products, ethical practices, and encouraging an inclusive community.

Steps we take to be sustainable include.

  • We use LED lamps, eco friendly and energy efficient processes.
  • We recycle paper, plastic, batteries, and electronics.
  • We prefer to create electronic documents to reduce paper use.
  • We walk and use public transport to promote greener commuting.
  • We give back and support our community.
  • We act with integrity and strive to be better.
  • We are not afraid to ask tough questions of ourselves.

How we started

Mike Reindl founded the Toy Brick Recycling Company in 2020. Mike had an increasing number of LEGO projects on display and started looking at options for recycling and passing his collection on to other enthusiasts.

Mike found options in Australia were presently limited and an opportunity existed to bring successful frameworks for recycling plastic bricks to Australia.

Mike chose a framework focusing on the three components of sustainable development. The Toy Brick Recycling Company looks to be economically profitable, whilst considering the environmental impacts of plastic bricks and addressing the issues of inequality.

Our community increasingly looks for sustainable and environmentally friendly toys and this is where the Toy Brick Recycling Company comes in. Our environmental credentials are important to us, resulting in all our products and packaging using 100% recycled materials and the use of carbon-neutral shipping for products bought from our online store.

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