University Students Put Skills To Use

In February, the Toy Brick Recycling Company welcomed two University Interns from Curtin Business School to undertake their Work Integrated Learning practice within our Marketing Team.

Internships give our university students credit towards their degree, plus an opportunity to gain experience and practical skills. Offering an authentic learning experience, with real-life work projects and sharing what we know will hopefully set them up for when they graduate.

Our first intern is Alisia DeLorenzo and Alisia has embarked on a project creating thought leadership articles. Alisia has chosen to author an article on each of the sustainability themes, reflecting on the need for business to find the right balance between economic, social, and environmental aspects.

Our other intern is Ben Lunt (pictured), who is putting together a five-week social media campaign. Ben has completed a social media marketing plan and designed all the related marketing pieces. Once Ben has put the final changes in place, his campaign will run from mid-March across our Facebook and Instagram feeds.

The Toy Brick Recycling Company is looking for marketing and communication interns for Semester 2. Students must have completed at least an introductory unit in marketing and/or communications and/or current studies related to one of these streams.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Product Development and Marketing Mix
  • Thought Leadership

Use the Contact Us form on the website to find out more.