Ninja Madness

What we love about recycling LEGO bricks, is you never know what you are going to get. More exciting is trying to put Minifigures back together into their original combinations.

Last month it has been Ninja Madness. So far, we have found and put together Jay, Kai Lloyd, Master Wu, and Lord Garmadon. We also have Lasha, a scout for the Venomari and his Motorbike. He is missing his snake-like headdress and the flames out the back of his bike and nonetheless, we decided to keep the pieces together.

We will keep digging and see if we can find some more. We offer all our Minifigures at the same price because they come to us through donations from people who want to keep playing with LEGO bricks affordable for families.

Check out the Ninja Madness in our Minifigure Store.