What? No Instructions

At the Toy Brick Recycling Company, we encourage kids to be creative. We all know playing with LEGO bricks helps children dream awesome ideas and build with no fear of making mistakes.

When children play with LEGO bricks, they can put them together and pull them apart time again. This allows children to create, change and experiment without the fear of doing it wrong. There are no wrong ways to build it with LEGO bricks.

Ask a child to build a dinosaur and whatever they build is a dinosaur if they say it is.

To encourage creativity, the Toy Brick Recycling Company does not supply instructions. Our recycled LEGO projects come fully built to the picture on the box.

We encourage your children to pull apart the projects to find out how LEGO bricks work together. Then they can use the picture to help guide them how to put the project back together again.

Keeping our recycled LEGO projects simple and limiting them to between 30 and 50 pieces helps children to experiment. Too many LEGO bricks, open too many possibilities.

Promoting self-enquiry from children, sows the seeds of creativity and encourage children to imagine their own new and surprising projects.