Toy Brick Goes Retro

The Toy Brick Recycling Company has gone retro with recent projects. Searching for ideas for the vintage markets later in the year, we dug out old magazines and pictures for ideas.

The retro Race Car is based on LEGO Set 1631 – Black Race Car, release in 1990.

The original race car appeared in black with yellow trim. Our remakes come in blue, yellow, and sometimes pink. As with all our recycled LEGO projects, the colour depends on the bricks available in our recycling bins.

We have also put together retro Space Scooter, complete with an Astronaut.

This model dates back even further than the retro Race Car. The updated scooter is a remake of LEGO Set 885 from 1979.

Traditionally grey with a red Astronaut, our version may also come in white and has either a red or white Astronaut depending on availability.

The Race Car is $5.00, and the Space Scooter with Astronaut is $6.50 at our online store whilst stocks last.

The Toy Brick Recycling Company also sell recycled Minifigures and at the top of the list is a Policeman who watched over City between 1988 and 1991.

This retro Minifigure features in 7 LEGO sets of the classic era, he appeared in, amongst others, Night Patrolled (LEGO Set 6340), Police Helicopter (LEGO Set 6642), and Sky Patroller (LEGO Set1895). Grab yours from our online store for $3.00.