Cleaning LEGO Bricks

Cleaning LEGO bricks is easy! At the Toy Brick Recycling Company, we use warm water and a mild eco-friendly (pH Neutral) detergent.

Cleaning works best if we separate all the bricks first, so the water and detergent can get into all the nooks of the bricks.

Importantly, the detergent we use is grey-water safe so we can use the water afterwards for the garden around our workshop. If the LEGO bricks are old or discoloured, we add a small amount of vinegar.

Placing the bricks in a mesh laundry bag before washing stops them from going everywhere. We then place the bag into our washing tumbler which we bought from a camping store. The tumbling action helps to knock off any dirt or grime sticking to the bricks.

It is important to rinse the LEGO Bricks with clean cool water and if the LEGO bricks to remove any excess detergent. Hang the laundry bag out to drain and after an hour or two we spread the bricks out onto a tray to dry.

The bricks are now ready for sorting by type and then making into recycled LEGO projects.

Everything we do at the Toy Brick Recycling company is about keeping our customers safe and protecting the environment